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China geriatric health study report: home care is still the main demand

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Note:   Home care is still the main demand for Elderly people in China,but innovation and quality of elderly care services a
  Home care is still the main demand for Elderly people in China,but innovation and quality of elderly care services are not up to standard,and chronic diseases are the main factors affecting the health of elderly people in China,according to a research report released in Beijing on Dec.17.

The report,titled"Blue Book on Aging Health:China's Aging Health Research Report(2020-2021),was jointly released by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Peking Union Medical College School of Public Health and Social Sciences Academic Press.The blue book expounds the necessity of active and healthy aging and relevant countermeasures from three aspects:the situation of China's aging health,the change of the needs of the elderly population under the new situation,international experience and Chinese practice.

Home care is still the main demand

According to the report,the traditional Chinese concept of"raising children for old age"shows that family care is an important mode of elderly care in China,and numerous studies have shown that family care can significantly improve life satisfaction and health status of the elderly.

At present,home-based care is still the main demand among China's elderly,but innovation and quality of services are difficult to meet,the report said.According to a survey data provided by the report,among China's elderly population,the proportion of those living in institutions dropped from 1.26 percent in 2012 to 0.79%in 2016.

For the elderly population at home,they will go to the hospital directly if they have serious diseases,and they are more inclined to go to the community for treatment if they have common diseases or chronic diseases.At the same time,the development of"Internet+Medical care"and"Internet+nursing"in recent years has made it possible to provide on-site medical services,and the booming development of some wearable devices has further expanded the application population of health monitoring.

According to the report,at present,there are still few types of home-based health and medical services,especially those that can meet the actual needs of the elderly population,and there is a lack of relevant standards and corresponding subjects to evaluate the quality of services.

Chronic diseases are the main factors affecting the health of the elderly

Chronic diseases are a major factor affecting the health of the elderly,and new disease challenges cannot be ignored,the blue Paper said.

Report quoted a chronic disease in China with the national and provincial representative and its risk factors,according to the monitoring data of residents aged 60 and above in our country the prevalence of hypertension,diabetes,hypercholesterolemia were 58.3%,19.4%and 10.5%,respectively,more than three-quarters of the residents there are sick coexistence situation,as the growth of the age,the prevalence of chronic diseases.

Among residents aged 70 and above,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases(39.11%),cancer(15.40%)and COPD(10.48%)were the top three.As the aging of the population intensifies,the absolute number of people affected by age-related diseases such as hypertension,diabetes,cancer,stroke,arthritis and other chronic diseases and the related disease burden will continue to increase.

In addition to the common chronic diseases,there are challenges posed by new diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease,for which diagnosis and treatment rates are lower in China than in other countries in the world.

There is an urgent need to build a livable environment for the elderly

The report points out that the elderly are in a certain environment for clothing,food,housing and transportation,and different environments play different roles.The construction of a friendly and livable environment for the elderly is not only a rigid demand of the elderly,but also an important force to meet people's aspirations for a better life.

Report quoted the Chinese elderly livable environment development report(2015)pointed out that at present our country elderly livable environment construction is very backward,and now whether existing residential optimal aging leveling,comfortable old residential building,or a comfortable old traffic,outdoor construction,the construction of community elderly,are still at an early stage,more conspicuous contradiction between supply and demand,need to draw high attention.

Attention should be paid to the construction of barrier-free environments,communication facilities and transportation facilities,and support the elderly in various activities in public Spaces,the report said.In supermarkets,parks,community shopping malls and other crowded places to configure service facilities for the elderly,weave a dense age-friendly network,so that the nearby,comprehensive utilization,rational layout,so that the elderly services at your disposal.
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