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Shuangqing District vigorously promotes the improvement of home and community basic elderly care ser

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Note:   The delegation led by Yue Chuangye,Deputy District Mayor of Shuangqing District People's Government of Shaoyang City
   The delegation led by Yue Chuangye,Deputy District Mayor of Shuangqing District People's Government of Shaoyang City,visited Shiqiao Street to investigate the construction of elderly care beds for families with difficult elderly,accompanied by Zhou Yingqi,Director of the District Civil Affairs Bureau.
  "What's the current home based elderly care environment like?What else do we need to solve?"Yue Chuangye and his party first came to Tao Youtian's home in Taojiachong community to learn more about the elderly's feelings and needs for using family elderly care beds from caregivers.Previously,Uncle Tao was unable to take care of himself due to hemiplegia.Whenever there was a need,he would knock on the bed with his hands to call his family,which was very inconvenient.Now,there are all kinds of things available,such as one-touch calling,aging beds,nursing beds,anti-skid mats,intelligent smoke detectors,intelligent gateways,and clean bedding."It's so convenient now,as long as he presses it like this,we'll hear it.This little thing is really good,and we're very satisfied!Thank the party and government for their care!"said Tao Youtian's caregiver gratefully.
  Subsequently,Yue Chuangye and his party visited the homes of Zhu Qunhua and Liao Shuzhen,respectively,to inspect the home based elderly care environment.In this promotion action,the staff customized a"one household one plan"for them,equipped with aging equipment such as beds,walking aids,shower chairs,SOS buttons,and intelligent gateways.The elderly continuously thanked the Civil Affairs Bureau for its thoughtful service.
  During the survey,Yue Chuangye highly praised the transformation plan tailored by the elderly care service company for the elderly,fully affirmed the achievements of the improvement action,and put forward guiding suggestions for the current problems.He emphasized that the promotion action is a livelihood project and a popular support project.During the implementation process,it is necessary to fully consider the diverse needs of the elderly,develop personalized plans,achieve one household,one file,and one summary.In terms of design and details,it is necessary to adapt to reality and constantly enrich the service content.It is necessary to strengthen resource integration and provide services nearby.In terms of medical and nursing resources,it is necessary to ensure the level of health services,better provide high-quality services for the elderly,truly achieve public satisfaction,and let the elderly have a happy old age.
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