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Liaoning and Guangdong pensions rose, where did they rise so much and what is the gap?

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Note: In order to further implement the national, provincial, and municipal plans and arrangements on ecological conditions, comprehensively improve the overall ecological situation protection plan, supervision and management, and the level of public service.
"If the pension is higher than 5000, don't go up! Is it reasonable?"
  I am envious of other people’s high pensions, but refuses to pay more and long-term contributions, and also expect that high pensions will not rise again. Is this reasonable? In fact, such suggestions are untenable.
   The payment period and the payment index are the key points in determining the pension. If you pay the minimum payment base and only pay 15 years of pension insurance, the pension is destined to be the lowest level, and it is normal if it is not enough.
   In addition to the above two points, careful people have long discovered that different regions have different levels of economic development, social wages, and pensions. Even the rise of pensions is "various."
   In 2021, pensions will rise for 17 consecutive years. In which area do people rise more? Today [Social Insurance Actuary] will use 2020 data to provide you with an in-depth analysis:
  01, Liaoning Province, how to increase?
   In 2020, the people who participated in the pension increase are those who retire before December 31, 2019. Assume that Lao Wang will retire in 2018 with 30 years of service and a pension of 2500 yuan. Lao Li, retired in 2018, 15 years of service, and a pension of 1,200 yuan.
   According to the Liaoning Province pension adjustment plan for 2020, the fixed amount adjustment can be increased by 55 yuan, so the two-person pension level will be 2,555 yuan and 1,255 yuan after the increase.
   The link adjustment is mainly linked to the pension level, which directly increases by 0.8%, and is linked to the payment period (senior service). Each payment is increased by 1 yuan per year. For more than 15 years of service, an additional 1 yuan will be paid every year.
  The increase in the Lao Wang linkage adjustment is 2500 yuan * 0.8% + 30 + 15 = 65 yuan, and the Lao Li linkage adjustment is 1200 yuan * 0.8% + 15 = 25 yuan.
   After the above two adjustments, if the pension is less than 2500 yuan, the part that exceeds the 15-year payment period will be increased by 1 yuan for every additional year.
   Obviously, Lao Li and Lao Wang do not meet this requirement. In addition, they are just ordinary corporate retirees and flexible employees who do not meet the conditions for tilt adjustment, that is, the pension increase is only the above two items.
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