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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development of elderly care pilots, more than 300 "post-90s&q

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Note: On January 13, People's Daily published the report "An Environmental Protection Map to Eliminate Regulatory Blind Spots" on the 09 page, focusing on Xiaoshan's smart environmental protection construction.    Why Xiaoshan's smart e
During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival this year, in Hebei Sanhe Yanda Golden Age Health Care Center, more than 320 elderly people over 90 years old gathered together to celebrate the festive season and talk about the secrets of longevity.
   As the first batch of pilot units for the coordinated development of elderly care work in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, more than 4,000 elderly people have been admitted to the Yanda Golden Age Health Care Center. Among them, 98% are Beijing elderly, with an average age of nearly 80 years old, and nearly 500 elderly people over 90 years old.
   Early in the morning of "November", more than 320 "post-90s" elderly people came to participate in the lively festival celebrations. Their average age is 92 years old, the youngest is 90 years old, and the oldest is 101 years old. The old people were accompanied by nurses or family members. Some walked in slowly on crutches, and some were very energetic even though they were in wheelchairs. The old people are well-dressed, and their faces are full of joy. The nursing home has laid a red carpet and signature wall for the elderly. The atmosphere is lively and festive. The elderly people are very excited. They meet on the red carpet, sign on the signature wall, and remind family members to take pictures of themselves from time to time.
   Several "post-90s" elderly people took the stage and talked about their life stories and the secrets of longevity. The 91-year-old Wu Tianren said that to live and learn, he insists on using his hands and brains every day, and having an optimistic attitude is the best secret to maintaining health and longevity. Subsequently, the enthusiastic old man also participated in games such as microphone, word solitaire, and drumming.
"I'm so happy that so many old friends can celebrate the rare National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival together." 92-year-old grandmother Chen couldn't hide her excitement. "We have caught up with the good times and lived a good life in order to live so long. "
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