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After retirement, the new "hidden old-age care rules" are spreading, leaving many retired

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What we are discussing today is that the new unspoken rules of old-age care after retirement are spreading, making the old age of the elderly very miserable and unspeakable.
  Ms. Zhou/58 years old
I am fifty-eight years old this year. My wife and I have retired for three years. My wife and I have always been in good health. After retiring, we originally planned to enjoy life together. My wife and I have already planned our retirement life. Two people I was going to travel, but when we were about to leave, my son called and said, "Mom, you are ready to hold your grandson. Because your daughter-in-law has a baby, so you come and help me take care of my daughter-in-law and children. Well, you can enjoy life anytime in your old age. Now you can help me a lot. When our children grow up, you can bring them back to enjoy life. Anyway, you are not old, and you will be fine if you pay for a few years."
   When I heard my son say this, my whole life was not good. I spent most of my life for my son when I was young. I finally retire and want to enjoy life. But my son’s words ruined everything.
Then I said to my son: "Son, mom is old, so hurry up and pay for you, and your affairs should be solved by yourself. Your dad and I just want to enjoy life, after all, we finally retire, so Don’t take over our retirement time anymore."
The son responded: "But now my wife is pregnant and can't go out to work. I can only rely on me to support a family. The monthly salary is only 10,000 yuan, and the car loan and mortgage are 3,000 each. There is also living expenses and purchases. It’s not a big deal at all to buy eight. I also want to save money to raise my children. If you don’t help me, how should we live by then, knowing that my behavior is very bad. , But there is really no way. Who can make your son useless for me?"
But I still didn’t take care of my daughter-in-law. Later, after my grandson was born, my son called me to help bring the child. He said: "Your daughter-in-law is going back to work. No one will take it for me. If you don’t take it this time Help us. In the future, we won’t even have money to provide for your retirement, so you can help us share the pressure.” I wanted to refuse, but my wife said, “If you can help, just help, so that your son will be resentful.”
   And I don’t understand why I am helping my son and grandchildren after retirement. Isn’t this called a new type of pension rule? Is it true that if I don't bring children to them, they won't support me in old age?
   In desperation, I must help take my grandson. Maybe after the grandson goes to kindergarten, we can go back and enjoy life.
   This is collectively referred to as the new unspoken rule of old-age care after retirement, which means that the elderly must have their children to bring the children, and only after the elderly can get the old-age care for their children.
In real life, many elderly people cannot enjoy life after retirement, but continue to contribute to their children, because children feel that the contributions of their parents are deserved, and many children feel that if the elderly do not give them children, They do not provide for the elderly, and the elderly are particularly afraid of threats from their children, so they have no choice but to help.
Because the old people are embarrassed to refuse, they can’t tell the truth, but they dare not say it. Faced with the demands of their children, the elderly don’t know what to do, so they can only choose to agree to their children’s demands. They are also afraid of their children when they grow old. Don't support yourself.
However, I hope that as children, do not occupy the time of retired elderly people. We should let the elderly enjoy life instead of keeping them busy. It is just unfair to the elderly, and the elderly have already given so much. The children should give back to the elderly. This way only then can I be worthy of my conscience.
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